The 1 line strategy to grow your business: Keep it Simple!

One Friday evening between meetings and deadlines to catch up I finally found some time to meet my lovely friend Pavlina Proteou, who I hadn’t seen for a while. It was the perfect time to discuss our ideas together as she always helps me see things from a different perspective and she always says I somehow make things clearer for her, so I guess we are a good match!

She came rushing in like storm, but the kind that brings sunshine along, if that is even possible; dressed like fashion-cover model, reminding me once again that style is a choice we make daily and is so easy! She was ready to drink some tea, eat a bit of homemade cake and start talking nonstop. Well, who am I to not let her do it?

  1. What are you currently involved with and why?

I’m Founder and CEO of BeyondCR, a startup social entrepreneurship organization, aiming at turning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into a Systemic Change and Impact Investment Tool, linking today’s to tomorrow’s business models. We map out the territory for grass roots initiatives, projects that bring innovative solutions that respond to social challenges. Currently we are working on 40+ project, on 40/50+ Start uppers and launching Social Entrepreneurship Clusters, the best idea of our grass roots solutions oriented social media Digital Diplomacy campaign on Refugee Crisis.

  1. Where do you get inspiration from?

People who rise above their fears and take a leap of faith; people who not only think out of the box, but, have realized that there is no box; people who see a chance in every challenge they meet and grow stronger, more accomplished and grateful.

  1. What challenges have you been through that made you stronger?

Challenges are a make or break process; they either grow you stronger or devastate you. Sometimes, we have to walk devastation path before we rise again! I had to face the loss of people I love, parents, friends, twice a child when pregnant, out of stress. My job, at a time my ideas and work would bring hundreds of thousands to my ex-boss. The end line was a massive burn out; for two years I had totally lost the ability to write, or any memory of myself as a business woman. The toughest part lasted about 2 years, yet it is only now I feel back on my feet and hopefully a better person.

  1. What Model for a Cause means to you?

Model for cause combines Women Empowerment and Environmental Care! Did you know that women are champions in Green Economy? Sustainable Fashion it’s not just about eco- friendly material, it is also about clothes waste. Don’t waste it wear it!

  1. What are 3 advices you would give to someone in order to make their life happier?

Just one: Keep it simple!

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